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Five Continents and Four Oceans
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A Cruel World based on Competition

A Former Gunn Student''s Comment

Source:Online Comments ;   US Pacific Time: 11/8/2014 8:21:49 AM  

Gunn 01 here. My year was def a peak year, we hit 10th in the nation for ranked high schools, both private and public. many of the alumni now are successful entrepreneurs, including my past friends who own a 700 mill worth company they started at age 25.   

I was a super overachiever myself back then, took 8 AP classes, 10 AP tests, community service, varsity wrestling, symphony and band, side computer project. I had to be good at everything. Dont get me wrong, i LOVEd high school, i was on a winning streak, and achieving accolades and praise from everyone, but i didnt realize back then it was all a bubble.


I thought the meaning of life back then was success, being #1, improving oneself and society to the max. I lost my sense of humanity, became a purist competitor.   


It took a hard fall to realize my folly. I got deadly ill in college, dropped out, and my whole world crashed. No universal healthcare back then, couldnt qualify for medicare because of my home address, there was no help. My family was disappointed, they thought i was faking my illness to slack and play video games, despite the long list of medical records from two dozen doctors saying how ill i was.  


The fact is it's a cruel world, especially in America, which is a country that is based on competition. Love and trust is very hard to find, RIDICULOUSLY hard to find. You can get a degree in 4 years, but may never find a best friend or lover in decades.  


The number one regret of the dying is not spending enough time and effort to nourish important relationships. I learned the hard way why it was so. In high school i had spent nearly every minute on future career success, and had largely ignored my socialization. I should have attended more birthdays, more dances, should have spent more quality time with people that cared for me. Then when i hit rock bottom, there was almost no one to be found. At first i thought it was that everyone is simply evil and doesnt care, but then i realized later, it's because i had not given them anything really to care about. Sure i gave them something to admire, but nothing to really emotionally irrationally convict them.   


The Bay Area is especially bad at life balance; there's so many people here chasing dreams of big money, big corporate expansion, and they have totally lost sight of what life is really about. They live in their own world, chasing a carrot on a stick, never satisfied with their current success, always pushing for more. It's so ironic, as humans we have technology to make our life easier, but for many, they've just ended up using that opportunity to work more. Thus they work more... to work.... more! Sounds preposterous when you take a step back.   


We may be smart academically, and careerwise, but gawwwd were we foolish in life. We thought we had it all figured out, but really, we had no idea how to get the most out of our existence.   


We didnt have any suicides, but maybe you newer generations are more aware of this sad reality. I encourage you guys to not succumb to this bubble, but to really grab life by its reigns and find out what really makes you happy, and i can tell you for sure happiness is going to be something you share with others. The last thing you want is ending up being alone with only your merits, accolades, and money to keep you company.   


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